Lillehammer: Hendrickson best in official training


America’s Sarah Hendrickson performed best in the official training in Lillehammer on Friday evening.

The first training round started with a delay of more then one hour due to difficult wind conditions. But also after the training eventually started, the wind did not calm down totally, so it was necessary to take some breaks.

Best of the first training round was America’s Sarah Hendrickson, who jumped on 95.5 meters. Austria’s Daniela Iraschko was second of the round with a jump on 91.0 meters. Although Coline Mattel (FRA) jumped one meter further then Iraschko she was only ranked on third, due to the wind compensation rules. Also Germany’s Ulrike Grässler (90.0 m) and America’s Jessica Jerome (90.5 m) had jumps over the K-point.

In the second round a vast number of jumpers managed to jump beyond the 90-meter-mark, but the wind conditions were again varying a lot. Again Hendrickson performed best with a nice 98.0 meter jump. Second of that round was Slovenia’s Katja Pozun, who jumped 97.5 meters. Germany’s Melanie Faisst jumped only 87.5 meters, but got a very high score for that jump due to the wind compensation rule. She got the third-most points of the round. Switzerland’s Sabrina Windmüller and Germany’s Katharina Althaus both jumped on 95.0 meters and Italy’s Evelyn Insam got a high score for her 92.5 meter jump.

Three of the best jumpers of the first round jumped apparently short in the second round. Grässler, jumped 79.0 meters, Iraschko 81.5 meter and Mattel 81.0 meters. Also the wind compensation rules did not help them to take a good place with these jumps.

Detailed results can be found here: