Sabrina Windmueller: “I want to contribute some ideas”


During the World Cup in Lillehammer three weeks ago, Sabrina Windmüller (SUI) was elected as athlete’s representative for Ladies Skijumping.
She will represent the female jumpers to the FIS Athlete’s Commission. editor Stefan Diaz talked to her about this task. What exactly is your function as athlete’s representative?
Sabrina Windmüller: I will attend the FIS meetings and represent the opinion of the ladies there, if we have proposals or if something doesn’t suit us, but I will also express when we are content, I think that is important too. The major goals of the past, having a World Cup and competing at the Olympics, have now been fulfilled. What are the most important issues now? Or is there nothing concrete yet?
Windmüller: Yes, nothing concrete yet. I talked to some other jumpers concerning the new suit design, but we did not find any solutions respectively answers. There are also some ideas, that I want to contribute, such as having a season final with the best 30 jumpers on a large hill, after the last competition on the normal hill. This idea was mentioned quite often in the last couple of months. In the last season, there have been some competitions on large hills (K105), in Vikersund and in Brotterode, that were taken out this year. What do you think about the fact, that these hills are not in the competition schedule anymore?
Windmüller: I wondered why these hills are out. But I guess that the financial side plays a part here. Especially Vikersund has to make some big efforts this year, as they host the Ski Flying World Championships. On the other hand I ask myself, why we are competing on small hills like Ljubno (K85). But I think we should give these small places a chance. It is important to have local organizers like in Ljubno, that take a stand for Ladies Skijumping. Finally let’s talk about jumping a little bit. You celebrated your best career result so far on the last weekend in Notodden. Can we expect to see you in the first line more often in the future?
Windmüller: I can’t say yet, but I will give everything to continue like that. I wish you good luck for that! You are the only Swiss jumper competing this winter. Does it change anything in a competition, when you are alone?
Windmüller: The situation was like this already in the final part of the last winter. It does not change anything during competition, you are always sitting alone on the bar. But it would have been nice to jump with someone else in the season preparation. I was only able to compare my performance with others at the summer competitions and at training abroad. But this has also an positive aspect. I was able to jump relaxed and easy and had no pressure. I guess both has advantages and disadvantages. I just tried to make the best out of this situation Obviously you made this. Sabrina, thanks a lot for that interview.
Windmüller: Thank you.