YOG: Takanashi and Henrich best in second training


The second training for the Youth Olympics Innsbruck 2012 was held today on the hill in Seefeld.

Japan’s Sara Takanashi, who was clearly the best in yesterday’s first training for the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck also performed well in today’s second training. Her 75.0 meter jump in the second training round was the farthest of the day. Nevertheless she does not seem to be unbeatable. In the first round today she finished only second behind Canada’s Taylor Henrich, who jumped on 73 meters, while Takanashi jumped only 72.5. Also Henrich’s second jump on 69.0 m was of the bests of the day.

Like yesterday France’s Lea Lemare was also among the bests today with jumps on 66.0 and 68.5 meters. The Czech competitor Natalie Dejmkova had a very well second jump today (63 and 69.5 m). Germany’s Katharina Althaus, who jumped strong yesterday passed on the trainings today, as well as Finnland’s Jenny Rautionaho.

Full training results can be found here: