CoC Zakopane: Hendrickson best in official training


Sarah Hendrickson was best in the official training for the Continental Cups in Zakopane that weekend.

The Continental Cup continues that weekend in Zakopane. The two competitions there were scheduled only one weeks ago, as a substitute for the cancelled World Cups in Szczyrk. Only 28 competitors are on the start list, because big nations such as Norway, Germany and Japan did not send teams to Zakopane. Three jumpers from Slovenia will compete in Zakopane, but the three leaders in the overall Continental Cup, Spela Rogelj, Katja Pozun and Ursa Bogataj are missing.

Today two official raining rounds were held. I was no surprise, that America’s Sarah Hendrickson, winner of both World Cups on the last weekend in Predazzo, was clearly the best jumper in both training rounds. In the first training she jumped on 88.5 meters, Austria’s Daniela Iraschko came second (88.0 m) and France’s Coline Mattel third (82.0 m). In the second training round Hendrickson jumped 83.0 meters, second was Mattel (79.5 m) and third America’s Jessica Jerome (79.0 m).

Full training results can be found here:

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