Hinzenbach: Daniela Iraschko best in official training


Daniela Iraschko performed best in today’s official training in Hinzenbach. Also Hendrickson, Grässler and Seifriedsberger strong.

The World Cup continues this weekend in Hinzenbach. Two competitions will be held on the K85 there tomorrow and on Sunday. As only 48 jumpers are on the start list, we are still waiting for the first qualification in this initial World Cup season. Today in the afternoon three official training rounds were held.

Best in this official training was Austria’ Daniela Iraschko. She improved from round to round. After jumping 84.0 meters in the first and 88.0 metes in the second, she jumped 91.0 meters in the third round and so set the farthest distance of the day.

In the first training round Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger was best with 86.5 meters, but as other jumpers improved then, her two jumps on 84.5 meters in the two following rounds brought her only the round ranks five and six. After jumping 84.5 meters in the first, World Cup leader Sarah Hendrickson (USA) was best in the second round with a jump on 88.5 meters. The same distance was just enough for the third rank in the third round.

The most consistent jumper (two second and a third round rank) in this official training was Germany’s Ulrike Grässler, with jumps on 85.5, 86.0 and 89.0 meters. Remarkable is also the performance of Japan’s Yoshiko Kasai. Her 85.0 meters in the first round meant the third round rank, her second jump was a little weaker (81.5 m). In the third round she jumped 85.0 meters again, but this time this was only enough for the seventh rank, because a handful of jumpers, such as Anette Sagen or Katja Pozun, was able to jump across the K-point.

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