Daniela Iraschko wins also on Sunday in Hinzenbach


Daniela Iraschko won also the second World Cup in Hinzenbach. Americans Sarah Hendrickson and Lindsey Van second and third.

After the fight against the wind yesterday, the weather conditions for today’s second World Cup in Hinzenbach were much better. There was blue sky most of the time and the wind was way more consistent. From time to time a breeze caused an interruption, but in all t was a nice and fair competition today. The roughly 3000 fans that made it to the hill today really created a nice atmosphere and waved their flags for all athletes. In the end they were able to celebrate their victorious local hero Daniela Iraschko.

The entire competition on the K85 hill, but especially the second round, was of the most thrilling ones we have seen this winter. After the first round Iraschko (85.5 m) was only fourth, but with a second jump on 91.5 meters she eventually won the competition. Being asked, which of the two victories that weekend was more difficult she answered: “I think to win against Sara and the other starters is always hard. Today was not that much headwind, so it was a little harder. And of course there were two rounds today,” she said.

With a pair of jumps on 86.0 and 90.5 meters, World Cup leader Sarah Hendrickson (USA) came second. She was still third after the first round. “I didn’t jump well on this hill technically, hopefully I can jump a little better in Ljubno and Zao”, she said. Third came her team-mate Lindsey Van with jumps on 90.5 and 87.0 meters and so accomplished the postulation of coach Paolo Bernardi for three US-podium ranks on that weekend. “Paolo has high expectations”, Van commented. About the hill here in Hinzenbach she said: “After official training I didn’t like it really much, but after yesterday and today I like it. It’s a fun hill.”

Germany’s Ulrike Grässler came fourth with jumps on 86.5 and 88.5 meters. Finally fifth came Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger. She was leading after the first round (89.5 m), but fell back to this position with a 83.5 meter jump in the second. Sixth came Slovenia’s Katja Pozun with two jumps on 85.0 meters.

Austria’s Sonja Schoitsch today celebrated two things at once: Her fifteenth birthday and her World Cup debut. Yesterday she only served as a trial jumper, because the rules require a minimum age of 15 to participate in a World Cup. So with an age of 15 years and 0 days she is the youngest World Cup competitor ever. She made herself a nice birthday present by right away gaining her first World Cup points, as she took the 29th rank with jumps on 80.5 and 79.0 meters.

France’s Coline Mattel, who was fourth in the overall World Cup before the two competitions here in Hinzenbach, finished only 39th today. With a 75.0 meter jump she clearly missed the second round. Already yesterday she came only 33rd. While yesterday’s result might be explained with the changing winds, her performance today is simply inexplicable. But ski jumping is sometimes just totally weird and irrational.

In the overall World Cup Hendrickson is still in the lead with 589 points, but her advantage on second ranked Iraschko, who has 473 points, is shrinking. New third after today’s competition is Van with 302 points. Pozun, still third yesterday, is now fourth with 283 points.

The World Cup continues next weekend in Ljubno (SLO).

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