Ready To Fly premiers in Salt Lake City


Filmmaker William H. Kerig produced a documentary film about Lindsey Van.

The documentary film “Ready To Fly” premiers tonight in Salt Lake City. The film tells the story of 2009 World Champion Lindsey Van and her fight for recognition and respect. Filmmaker Bill Kerig from Salt Lake City followed Van and other athletes of the U.S.-team for two years. With additional footage from the past the film spans 17-years of a story. Also athletes from Europe, such as Anette Sagen, Daniela Iraschko or Coline Mattel are featured in the film.

On it’s official website, the film is described as follows:
Since childhood, as a wide-eyed 7-year-old ski jumper with a dream of Olympic flight, Lindsey Van, of Park City, Utah, has been an outsider in a man’s world. Thrust into a fight that’s far bigger than her dreams, larger than ski jumping or even sport, Lindsey and her ad hoc women’s ski jumping family battle entrenched attitudes and seemingly omnipotent gatekeepers to prove that women deserve to compete at the highest level: in the Winter Olympics. This powerful true story tells a tale of sacrifice and determination, of pluck and tragedy, as a very special group of unlikely heroes triumphs over massive obstacles to achieve a dream and change the world for other women in the process. It’s a stand-up and cheer movie.

During the next weeks the film will run at a couple of cinemas in Utah. The producers are planning a North American tour and hope to bring the film also to Europe in the future. Who does not want to wait for that, can order now a DVD for U$25 on the film’s website. International shipping is also possible.