Hendrickson wins first World Cup in Ljubno


Sarah Hendrickson wins on Saturday in Ljubno ahead of Sara Takanashi and Daniela Iraschko.

Clearly over 3000 spectators attended today’s World Cup in Ljubno, by far the largest crowd that has been at any Ladies World Cup that winter. Many of them brought horns and other noisemakers, so there was really a great atmosphere around the hill. America’s Sarah Hendrickson, who won the competition, said: “It is just awesome to see there are so many people supporting us.”

There was only a little bit of wind around today, but that little bit changed from headwind to tailwind from time to time. World Cup leader Hendrickson had most tailwind of all jumpers at her first round jump. So she got 5.8 points added for that 85.5 meter jump. At her second jump on 87.0 meters there was no wind at all. The wind points she scored in the first round were deciding for today’s competition. Because in the end she was only 1.3 points ahead of Japan’s Sara Takanashi, who came second with a pair of jumps on 86.5 and 88.5 meters and in total lost 0.5 points due to wind. “It was a little windy today, but the jury did a good job today”, said Hendrickson. Both, Hendickson and Takanashi got equal style points by the judges.

Takanashi had skipped the World Cups in Hinzenbach last week and instead stayed at home in Japan for training and to regenerate. “I had a good training session at home. I am really happy today that I had two good jumps and I enjoy being on the podium”, she said.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko jumped 81.5 meters in the first round and was only 14th at half-time. With a great jump on 90.0 meters in the second round she improved to the third place. “This is not my favourite hill here. At eight out of ten jumps I am too late. But in my second jump I had a good timing. But it is a good place for ski jumping here. It is just awesome to jump in front of so many people”, she said.

Ranks four and five were taken by Germany’s Ulrike Grässler (85.0 and 88.0 m), and America’s Jessica Jerome (85.5 and 83.5 m). Sixth came Germany’s Melanie Faisst, who was still third after the first round with jumps on 86.5 and 84.0 meters. Best Slovenian was Katja Pozun on the seventh rank (82.0 and 84.5 m).

Germany’s Anna Häfele was disqualified because her ski were too long. The Chinese team competed here for the first time at a World Cup. Their best jumper Tong Ma missed the second round only by 2.2 points.

Hendrickson has now 689 points in the overall World Cup, second ranked Iraschko has 533. Third is America’s Lindsey Van (eighth today, twice 83.5 m) with 334 points.

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