Jenna Mohr quits her career


Germany’s Jenna Mohr says “good bye”.

Germany’s Jenna Mohr quits her career. In a statement, that she posted on her official Facebook-Fanpage today, she declares that she has to retire from active sports. After jumping only on an average level this season, she lost her status as a squad-member and so does not receive financial support anymore. Her best result this winter was a 16th place at the Continental Cup in Liberec, prior to this she was relegated from the World Cup team after scoring only one point in the first three competitions. In her declaration she says “thank you” to several people that supported her on her way, such as her family and all her coaches. “A wonderful chapter in my life ends”, she states.

The 25-year old from Willingen was one of the pioneers in Ladies Skijumping and like many others in her age she fought for gender equality in sports over many years. She competed on an international level already since 2003 and won three Continental Cups, two in Bischofsgrün and one in Sapporo. One of the highlights in her career were the World Championships 2009 in Liberec, where she finished 15th. In total she competed in 141 international competitions.

She will finish her apprenticeship at the German Federal Police this year, but has not made a decision yet, what she will do after that. wishes her just the best for the future.

Mohr’s full declaration can be found here (in German):