Klinec and Windmueller won FIS Cups in Villach


FIS Cup was kicked-off this weekend with two competitions on the K-90 in Villach.

A special premiere was held this weekend in Villach. For the first time ever two FIS Cup competitions for Ladies were held. Like at the men, the FIS Cup is the third division behind World and Continental Cup. Still some weeks ago, the competitions were announced as Continental Cups, but then were converted into FIS Cups. Two more FIS Cups are scheduled to be held in February in Achomitz.

24 athletes from nine countries attended the competitions on both days. On Saturday Slovenia’s Ema Klinec won with a pair of jumps on 91.0 and 86.5 meters. Second came Russia’s Irina Avvakumova, formerly known as Irina Taktaeva, who jumped 89.0 and 83.0 meters. Canada’s Alexandra Pretorius on the third rank completed the podium. She jumped 87.5 and 85.5 meters.

Winner of the second competition on Sunday came Switzerland’s Sabrina Windmüller. She jumped 92.0 and 88.0 meters. Second came Pretorius with jumps of 85.5 and 91.0 meters. Klinec took the third rank this time with jumps on 84.0 and 85.5 meters and so also leads in the overall FIS cup.

Austria’s superstar Daniela Iraschko was disqualified on both days because of an incorrect suit.

Results and standings:
Official results Saturday
Official results Sunday
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