Two victories for Althaus in Bischofsgruen


Strong performance of the German team at the Alpen Cup competitions in Bischofsgrün.

After winning already the competition in Pöhla on Friday, Germany’s Katharina Althaus won also the two OPA Alpen Cup competitions in Bischofsgrün on Saturday and Sunday.

The competition on Saturday was totally dominated by the German team. Althaus won by jumping 66.0 meters twice. Veronika Zobel (62.5 and 65.5 m) came second, Ramona Straub (63.0 and 64.5 m) third. Svenja Würth, second after the first round (63.5 and 63.5 m), on the fourth place completed the great result of the team. These four Germans were followed by the Austrians Chiara Hölzl (61.0 and 64.5 m) and Sonja Schoitsch (61.5 and 64.0 m) on five and six.

On Sunday Althaus (67.0 and 68.0 m) won ahead of Hölzl, who jumped 66.5 and 67.5 meters. Zobel came third by jumping 66.5 m twice. Fourth came Schoitsch (64.0 and 66.0 m) ahead of Italy’s Manuela Malsiner (68.0 and 64.5 m) and Straub (65.5 and 63.0 m).

The next competitions of the Alpen Cup series will be held on August 31st and September 1st in Einsiedeln (SUI).