Elena Runggaldier: Mild concussion diagnosed


After Elena Runggaldier’s fall at yesterday’s World Cup in Sochi a concussion was diagnosed.

Italy’s Elena Runggaldier suffered a severe fall in the second round of the World Cup competition in Sochi on Sunday. After the dangerous fall 22-year-old was quickly able to leave the outrun on her own, but further hospital examination diagnosed a mild concussion.

In the first round of the competition Runggaldier jumped 95.0 meters and was on the 7th place. Then in the final she jumped 92.0 meters, but made a mistake when landing, her skis veered to the side and she eventually fell.

“At first, everything seemed to be fine, but after ten minutes I felt very weak and I did not understand anymore what people said to me. I do not fully remember the fall as well”, Runggaldier said. “Now I feel better, but the medics have diagnosed a concussion. I need to take a rest for the next few days and take good care of myself.”