Two OPA Alpen Cup victories for Ema Klinec


Ema Klinec won both OPA Alpen Cups this weekend in Winterberg. Ramona Straub and Barbara Klinec second and third.

The first two Alpen Cup competitions of this winter were held in Winterberg, Germany, this weekend. Winner on both days came Slovenia’s Ema Klinec. On Saturday she won with a pair of jumps of 77.0 and 76.5 meters. Second came Germany’s Ramona Straub by jumping 71.0 meters twice. The third place was taken by Ema’s elder sister Barbara Klinec with jumps of 73.5 and 67.5 meters. Lucienne Höppner (72.0 and 66.5 m), Pauline Hessler (64.5 and 73.0 m) and Julija Srsen (twice 68.0 m) took the places four to six. So only only jumpers from Germany and Slovenia were in the top six.

On Sunday there was a double-victory for the Klinec Sisters. While Ema won with jumps of 77.0 and 80.5 meters, Barbara came second by jumping twice 76.0 m. Third came Straub with jumps of 70.0 and 75.5 meters. Anna Rupprecht (GER, 69.0 and 70.5 m) came fourth ahead of Manuela Malsiner (ITA, 71.5 and 65.0 m). Höppner came sixth that day with a pair of jumps of 72.0 and 64.5 meters.

In the overall Alpen Cup, that also considers the competitions that were held in the summer, Straub is in the lead with 472 points. Second is Veronika Zobel, who is currently recovering of a knee surgery, with 325 points. Malsiner is on the third place with 319 points.