Schonach: Sagen wins with hill record


Anette Sagen wins the second World Cup on Sunday in Schonach ahead of Daniela Iraschko and Coline Mattel.

It was misty and rainy during the last days here in Schonach, and everyone hoped that at least for the last competition day we would finally have clear weather here. But then it was even worse today. Instead of some slight mist, there was really heavy fog at the hill today. Some people even were joking about “Oslo conditions in Schonach”. But almost all jumpers were able to handle this difficulty without any problems. Next to the fog there was some good headwind most of the time, so in general there were a lot of far jumps in this competition. Again about 3000 spectators attended the hill, and even if they were unable to see much because of the fog, they really created a great atmosphere and cheered and made noise for all jumpers.

But more interesting than the weather is actually the result of this World Cup. With Anette Sagen from Norway and Daniela Iraschko the two oldest and most experienced jumpers came on the first two ranks. If one considers the fact, that Schonach/Schönwald was the first place where Ladies competitions were held regularly and has the greatest tradition for Ladies Skijumping, then it is just very nice to see, that these two veteran athletes took the first places today. “I have been coming here for 13 years. So it is just absolutely great and totally fitting, that I am able to celebrate my first World Cup victory here. I won before on the old hill in Schönwald but I also like this hill here in Schonach very much. It is just great if you have an organizing committee that cares so much about you,” Sagen said to

With her first jump of 98.0 meters Sagen set a new hill record, nevertheless she was after the first round still behind Coline Mattel from France, who jumped 97.5 meters and scored very high style points by the judges for it. With a nice 94.0 meter jump in the second round Sagen eventually won the competition, while Mattel fell back to the third place with a jump of 90.0 meters. Iraschko gained her second place with a pair of jumps of 96.0 and 92.5 meters, she was fourth after the first round. “It would have been possible to win for me today, but the weather conditions were very difficult. I am glad, that it is running better and better now, after I had some problems with my jumping in the last weeks”, said Iraschko, Also Mattel, who only finished 12th yesterday was happy with her jumping: “Like I jumped today actually matches my capacity at the moment. I cannot really explain why my jumping yesterday was not too well, and I don’t know exactly why my jumping was much better today. I talked a lot to my coaches yesterday, and that helped me to clear my mind. That helped me to jump today”, she said.

Remarkable is the performance of World Cup leader Sara Takanashi from Japan. In the first round she started on coach request with a shorter inrun. While most other jumpers started from gate 28, and some from 27, she jumped from gate 25. Although there was some headwind by that time, she only jumped 91.5 meters and so took the ninth place after the first round. A very nice 95.5 meter jump in the second round eventually brought her forward to the fourth place.

Fifth came America’s Sarah Hendrickson with jumps of 96.0 and 94.0 meters. Sixth place was taken by Norway’s Line Jahr with jumps of 96.0 and 92.0 meters. Bad luck had Italy’s Evelyn Insam. After taking the second place yesterday, she was third today after the first round with a 97.5 meter jump. But by jumping 90.0 meters in the second round she eventually fell back to the seventh place.

It is nice to note, that Germany’s Svenja Würth, who fell yesterday with a severe pain in her knee, was able to start today. Unfortunately she missed the second round and only came 31st.

In the overall World Cup Takanashi is still in the lead with 490 points. Second is Iraschko with 390 and third Mattel with 348 points. The World Cup continues next weekend in Hinterzarten.

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