Hinterzarten: Takanashi wins on Sunday


Sara Takanashi won the second World Cup in Hinterzarten ahead of Sarah Hendrickson and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger.

Sara and Sarah were not to beat also today. But this time it was Sara Takanashi from Japan who won the competition, while yesterday’s winner Sarah Hendrickson (USA) took the second place. The weather here in Hinterzarten was not as nice as on the last days, but the competition was a very high-class one today, with a lot of jumps across the 100 meters. It’s not just a side note, that some hundred spectators made it to the hill today, so the atmosphere around was actually very nice.

Takanashi was only third after the first round (98.0 m), but with a strong 105.0 meter jump in the second round she eventually won the competition. “This is a special day for me because it’s my father’s birthday. I really wanted to win for him. Actually I don’t get along with the hill in Hinterzarten that well, but it is getting better and better. Especially my second jump today was really good”, she said

Hendrickson took her second place with a pair of jumps of 103.0 and 101.5 meters. “I am totally satisfied with this weekend. I simply love this hill and I like in the Black Forest in general. Today a lot of jumps were over 100 meters, but that is what the spectators would like to see”, she said.

Third came Austria’s Jaqueline Seifriedsberger. She was first at half-time with a nice 103.0 meters jump in the first round, but eventually a nice 102.5 meter jump in the final round was not enough to win over the Sara(h)s. Nevertheless she was content with her performance: “I am absolutely satisfied with today’s competition and my own performance, especially because I managed to show two great jumps of more than 100 meters”, she said.

Places four to six were taken by Norway’s Anette Sagen (103.5 and 99.0 m), Italy’s Evelyn Insam (twice 100.5 m) and France’s Coline Mattel (100.5 and 95.5 m). In the overall World Cup Takanashi extended her lead and has now 670 points. Second is Hendrickson with 501 points, and Mattel third with 448 points.

The World Cup continues on the beginning of February in Sapporo, in the meantime the Junior World Championships will be held in Liberec. Hendrickson said about this upcoming event: “I have been second and third at World Juniors, so it is my dream to win. But it’s a different hill there and the weather conditions in Liberec are often difficult. So we have to see what will happen.”

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