Junior World Championships in Liberec begin


51 jumpers are on the start list for the Junior World Championships in Liberec.

Before the World Cup will continue in Sapporo in two weeks, the Junior World Championships will be held in Liberec now. Despite plenty of the World Cup jumpers are too old yet to compete there, the current top three in the overall World Cup, Sara Takanashi, Sarah Hendrickson and Coline Mattel are all still in junior’s age and will attend the competitions. So we can expect to see really high-class championships there.

51 jumpers are on the start list for the first official training, that will be held tomorrow. Nevertheless only 44 of them will start in the individual competition, because only four per nation are allowed to compete. Seven countries came to Liberec with a five-strong team, also to have options for the team competition, that will most likely be attended by 10 nations. Italy has only three jumpers on the start list and has to skip that one, as well as Romania, that has only one jumper attending these Junior Worlds.

The only big jumping nation that is not participating in these championships ins Finland. Their top jumper Julia Kykkänen is still out of action due to her broken collarbone, and junior athlete Noora Heikkinen suffered a heavy fall in training last week and thereby snapped her ACL.

Tuesday January 22nd
13:00 Official Training HS 100

Wednesday January 23rd
13:00 Official Training HS 100

Thursday January 24th
12:00 Individual HS 100 – Trial round
13:00 Individual HS 100 – Competition

Friday January 25th
13:00 Official Training HS 100

Saturday January 26th
12:00 Team HS 100 – Trial round
13:00 Team HS 100 – Competition