OPA-Cup: Winning streak of Ema Klinec continues


Ema Klinec won both OPA Alpen Cups in Achomitz ahead of Barbara Klinec and Chiara Hölzl.

The winning streak of Slovenia’s Ema Klinec in the OPA Alpen Cup continues. After winning the competitions in Winterberg in December and in Ziri in January, she also won both competitions that were held in Achomitz on the K75 hill this weekend. Both competitions were held on Sunday as it was raining and snowing on Saturday. In total 21 girls from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland attended these Alpen Cups.

Ema Klinek won the first competition with jumps of 72.0 and 73.0 meters ahead of her elder sister Barbara, who jumped 68.5 and 69.0 meters. Third behind the Klinec Sisters came Chiara Hölzl from Austria with jumps of 67.0 and 69.5 meters. They were followed by Pauline Hessler (GER, 65.5 and 65.0 m), Lucienne Höppner (GER, 63.5 and 65.0 m) and Katharina Keil (AUT, 62.5 and 63.0 m) on places four to six.

In the second competition Ema Klinec jumped 70.0 and 71.0 meters. Second that day came Hölzl with jumps of 69.5 and 68.0 meters. Barbara Klinec took the third place with jumps of 67.5 and 67.0 meters. Places four and five were taken by Höppner (65.0 and 64.5 m) and Keil (66.0 and 62.0 m). The sixth place was shared by Hessler (62.0 and 64.0 m) and Achomitz local Sonja Schoitsch (62.0 and 64.0 m).

Full results can be found here:
http://www.achomitz-zahomc.at/fileadmin/media/ergebnisse/2013-02-03_10._Fis_Ladies_Cup_Ergebnise.pdf (first competition)
http://www.achomitz-zahomc.at/fileadmin/media/ergebnisse/2013-02-03_11._Fis_Ladies_Cup_Ergebnise.pdf (second competition)