Takanashi wins first World Cup in Zao


Sara Takanashi won the first of two World Cups on Sunday in Zao ahead of Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Carina Vogt.

The weather conditions in Zao are way better today than on the last two days and so it is eventually possible to jump under regular conditions. The first of the two World Cup competitions, that are held today, was won by local heroine Sara Takanashi with a pair of jumps of 95.5 and 93.5 meters. Second came Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger with 88.0 and 92.5 meters. Carina Vogt from Germany took the third place with by jumping 89.0 and 85.0 meters. That’s her first podium of this winter.

Sarah Hendrickson (USA) was third at half time with an 88.0 meter jump in the first round, but 85.0 meters were just enough to finally take the fourth place. Her team-mate Jessica Jerome came fifth with jumps of 86.0 and 88.5 meters. Sixth place was taken by Spela Rogelj from Slovenia with jumps of 84.5 and 90.5 meters.

The second competition will be held after a short break at 10:20 h local time.

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