Two winners in Oernskoeldsvik


Irina Avvakumova and Julia Kykkänen share the first place in Örnsköldsvik. Anastasiya Gladysheva third.

Only 16 jumpers have made it to Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, for the two final Continental Cups of this winter. The first of the two competitions on the HS 100 hill there was held today.

In the end this competition did not have one, but two winners. Russia’s Irina Avvakumova and Finland’s Julia Kykkänen both scored 246.5 points and so shared this victory. In the first round Kykkänen made a jump of 95.5 meters and so was leading at half time, while Avvakumova, who jumped 94.5 meters was only third by then. With a nice jump of 100.5 meters in the final round the Russian was eventually able to draw level with Kykkänen, who jumped 97.0 meters then. This shared victory means the first win in an international competition for both. Avvakumova finished already second in a Grand Prix competition in Almaty last summer, Kykkänen was third at a CoC in Lillehammer, also in the last summer.

Third behind the two winners came Anastasiya Gladysheva, also from Russia. She jumped 93.5 and 94.0 meters and was second after the first round.

Fourth place was taken by Germany’s Ramona Straub (90.0and 97.5 m). Places five and six were taken by two more Russians Sofya Tikhonova (90.5 and 94.0 m) and Alexandra Kustova (87.5 and 90.0 m).

In the overall Continental Cup, that so far only scores this and a competition in Oberwiesenthal last week, Avvakumova has now 150 points and so is in the lead ahead of Slovenia’s Ema Klinec. Klinec has 100 points from Oberwiesenthal but does not compete in Örnsköldsvik. Also second is Kykkänen who has 100 points, too.

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