Trondheim: Seifriedsberger best in official training


The World Cup continues on Friday in Trondheim. Seifriedsberger, Liu and Sagen best in official training today.

The final two competitions of this winter’s World Cup will be held in Norway this weekend. There will be a normal hill competition in Trondheim on Friday and then on Sunday history will be written, when for the first time ever a Ladies World Cup will be held on a large hill. Nothing less than the legendary Holmenkollen Hill in Oslo was chosen for this premiere, in which only the best 30 jumpers of the World Cup will be allowed.

At midday today an official training was held on the K90/HS105 hill in Trondheim. Best jumper in this training was Jacqueline Seifriedsberger from Austria. She took the first place in the first and second training round by jumping 97.5 meters each time and then passed on the third round. A little surprising China’s Liu Qi was the best jumper of the third training round. After jumping 89.5 and 94.5 meters before, she made an excellent 99.5 meter jump then and so scored the most round points.

The farthest jump of the day was made by Norway’s Anette Sagen. After jumping 92.5 and 97.5 meters before, she jumped 100.0 meters in the third round. As she had slightly worse wind conditions as Liu Qi she scored less points for this jump as the Chinese. World Champion Sarah Hendrickson (USA) jumped very consistent and so had jumps of 96.5, 95.0 and 97.5 meters. Also her team-mate Jessica Jerome performed very well and made jumps of 95.0, 94.5 and 97.5 meters.

Strong was also the appearance of the Italian team. Evelyn Insam jumped only 89.5 meters in the first round, but then made 99.5 and 98.0 meters. Elena Runggaldier had jumps of 91.5, 97.5 and 95.0 meters.

The Japanese team with the already declared overall World Cup winner Sara Takanashi was unable to participate in this training, as their skis did not arrive in Trondheim yet. But hopefully they will have all of their equipment tonight, so they will be able to participate in the competition tomorrow.


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