FIS Council confirmed World Cup calendar


The FIS Counil held it’s Spring Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia yesterday. Next to the confirmation of the competition calendars, also some changes to the rules were decided.

The most important rule change affecting the Ladies is, that the minimum age to participate in a World Cup, World Championships or Junior World Championships was set from 15 to 16. The council also deiced that the Junior World Championships 2015 will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Sabrina Windmüller from Switzerland was confirmed as representative of the female ski jumpers to the Athletes Commission. She is serving in this position already since the introduction of the World Cup two years ago.

Calendars 2013/14:

There were some slight changes to the calendar draft that was released some time ago. The final competition schedule looks as follows (dates for winter FIS and OPA Cups are still missing):

SUMMER 2013:

13.07.2013 Villach HS98 FIS Cup
14.07.2013 Villach HS98 FIS Cup
26.07.2013 Hinterzarten HS108 Grand Prix
27.07.2013 Hinterzarten HS108 Mixed Team Grand Prix
09.08.2013 Gérardmer HS72 COC
10.08.2013 Gérardmer HS72 COC
14.08.2013 Courchevel HS96 Mixed Team Grand Prix
14.08.2013 Pöhla HS65 OPA Alpen Cup
15.08.2013 Courchevel HS96 Grand Prix
15.08.2013 Pöhla HS65 OPA Alpen Cup
17.08.2013 Bischofsgrün HS71 OPA Alpen Cup
18.08.2013 Bischofsgrün HS71 OPA Alpen Cup
30.08.2013 Frenstat FIS Cup
31.08.2013 Frenstat FIS Cup
13.09.2013 Nishny Tagil HS100 Grand Prix
14.09.2013 Nishny Tagil HS100 Grand Prix
14.09.2013 Lillehammer HS100 COC
14.09.2013 Einsiedlen HS77 OPA Alpen Cup
15.09.2013 Lillehammer HS100 COC
15.09.2013 Einsiedlen HS77 OPA Alpen Cup
21.09.2013 Almaty HS106 Grand Prix
22.09.2013 Almaty HS106 Grand Prix
28.09.2013 Rasnov HS64 FIS Cup
29.09.2013 Rasnov HS64 FIS Cup

WINTER 2013/14:

30.11.2013 Vancouver HS106 COC
01.12.2013 Vancouver HS106 COC
06.12.2013 Lillehammer HS100 Mixed Team World Cup
07.12.2013 Lillehammer HS100 World Cup
13.12.2013 Notodden HS100 COC
14.12.2013 Notodden HS100 COC
21.12.2013 Hinterzarten HS108 World Cup
22.12.2013 Hinterzarten HS108 World Cup
04.01.2014 Tchaikowski HS106 World Cup
05.01.2014 Tchaikowski HS106 World Cup
11.01.2014 Sapporo HS100 World Cup
12.01.2014 Sapporo HS100 World Cup
18.01.2014 Zao HS100 World Cup
19.01.2014 Zao HS100 World Cup
25.01.2014 Ljubno HS95 World Cup
26.01.2014 Ljubno HS95 World Cup
01.02.2014 Hinzenbach HS94 World Cup
02.02.2014 Hinzenbach HS94 World Cup
10.02.2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games
15.02.2014 Lahti HS97 COC
16.02.2014 Lahti HS97 COC
01.03.2014 Rasnov HS100 World Cup
01.03.2014 Falun HS98 COC
02.03.2014 Rasnov HS100 World Cup
02.03.2014 Falun HS98 COC
08.03.2014 Oslo HS134 World Cup
15.03.2014 Falun HS98 World Cup
15.03.2014 Ruhpolding HS100 COC
16.03.2014 Falun HS98 World Cup
16.03.2014 Ruhpolding HS100 COC