German team looks forward to Hinterzarten


This summer’s Grand Prix series starts this weekend in Hinterzarten in the Black Forest.

On the upcoming weekend this year’s Grand Prix will be kicked-off in Hinterzarten, an individual and a mixed-team competition will be held on the K95 hill there. The hosting nation Germany seems to be well-prepared and looks forward to that event.

Head coach Andreas Bauer said: “We are looking forward to the Grand Prix-opening in Hinterzarten. Last week we participated in the FIS Cups in Villach as a practice competition. There we had the chance to compete with the Slovenian team, second in last year’s Nations Cup. Especially Katharina Althaus, Svenja Würth and Ulrike Gräßler on places two, three, five and six were able to pass this first test performing on a high level. Most of last season’s best athletes will compete in Hinterzarten, so we expect top-class competitions there. The fact that the mixed competition format got established so quickly gives me pleasure. This summers mixed-competitions in Hinterzarten and Courchevel are positive impulses for the further development of Ladies-Skijumping. On the medium term it seems to be possible, that the Ladies will have more then one chance to go for a medal at the Olympics”.

Katharina Althaus, best German jumper at the recent FIS-Cups in Villach said: “My season preparation went smoothly so far, but I did not expect to take a second and a third place in Villach. My jumping system works, so I can go to Hinterzarten highly optimistic – but without any specific goal. I love it that the opening of the Grand Prix series is held in Germany, and I am also very happy that again a mixed-team competition will be held”.


Correction: An earlier version of this article suggested, that the Slovenian team won last season’s Nations Cup. In fact Slovenia was only second behind the United States of America. The U.S.-team had an advantage of 219 points. We updated the article.