Courchevel: Sara and Sarah best in official training


Sara Takanashi and Sarah Hendrickson jumped best in today’s official training in Courchevel, where a mixed team competition will be held on the large hill tonight.

Another big step in the history of Ladies Skijumping will be made today in Courchevel, when for the first time ever a mixed team competition will be held on a large hill. Ten teams (USA, Russia, Italy, Austria, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Slovenia and Germany) are on the start list for this event. In the morning an official training was held.

In the first training America’s Sarah Hendrickson and Canada’s Atsuko Tanaka jumped both on 130.0 meters, nevertheless Japan’s Sara Takanashi scored the most points for her 126.0 meter jump due to the wind and gate compensation rule. Second and third most points in were scored by Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (118.0 m) and France’s Lea Lemare (115.0 m).

In the second round Hendrickson jumped 136.0 meters and so took the first round rank ahead of Takanashi who jumped 121.0 meters this time. Tanaka jumped 128.5 meters and so scored the third most points of this round.