Successful surgery for Sarah Hendrickson


After falling in Oberstdorf last week, World Champion Sarah Hendrickson now received a reconstruction of her torn ACL.

After suffering a severe knee injury during a training jump in Obersdorf, Germany, last week, World Champion Sarah Hendrickson (USA) now successfully underwent a surgery. According to a press release by the U.S. Ski Team the surgery focused on reconstructing her torn ACL, but also the MCL and the meniscus were treated. U.S. Ski Team Medical Director Kyle Wilkens said: “Sarah is resting comfortably after a successful surgery. While it’s too early to identify a specific recovery window, the medical team will work with Sarah to ensure the best care in rehabilitation. A full recovery is anticipated.”

Although medics cannot determine an accurate timeframe, experience shows that torn cruciate ligaments need at least 9 to 12 month for recovery. So the fear that she will not be able to participate in the Olympics this winter seems to come true.

In the team’s press release Hendrickson said: “I have received amazing care and support from everyone around me including teammates, family and friends, the U.S. Ski Team doctors, physical therapists and athletic trainers. I ski jump for myself but in the end, it’s the team and community behind each athlete that makes one succeed. Life has a crazy way of working out and this is definitely not the path I had planned. I’m determined to make my coaches, friends, family, country and myself proud by working as hard as I can on my recovery.” wishes her a fast healing.