Anette Sagen wins first CoC in Notodden


Anette Sagen won on Friday evening in Notodden ahead of Gyda Enger and Alissa Johnson.

The first Continental Cups of this winter are held this weekend, while the World Cup takes a break. Among the 27 jumpers that gathered in Notodden, Norway, for these competitions are debutantes as well as World Cup experienced athletes.

The first competition on the HS98 hill there was held on Friday evening. Winner came Norway’s Anette Sagen with a pair of jumps of 96.0 and 101.5 meters. Also the second place was taken by a Norwegian, as Gyda Enger jumped 92.5 and 95.5 meters. Third came Alissa Johnson from the United States. She jumped 90.5 and 93.0 meters.

The fourth and fifth place were taken by jumpers from Germany. Ramona Straub showed jumps of 87.0 and 92.5 meters and so finished ahead of her team-mate Juliane Seyfarth who jumped 89.0 and 88.0 meters. Anna Odine Strøm from Norway made a pair of jumps of 88.0 and 93.5 meters and so took the sixth place.