Universiade: Russia won mixed team event


Russia won the mixed team competition in Predazzo ahed of Finlandand Slovenia.

Within the Universiade in Trentino a mixed team competition was held on the hill in Predazzo on Tuesday. A team consisted of only two jumpers, one female and one male. The result of the competition was quite close, but in the end the Russian team won with an advantage of three points ahead of the team from Finland. Irina Avvakumova jumped 100.5 and 98.5 meters, her team-mate Mikhail Maksimochkin jumped 98.0 meters twice. Finland’s Julia Kykkänen showed a pair of jumps of 98.0 and 92.5 meters, Sami Niemi jumped 99.5 and 101.0 meters. The third place was taken by the team from Slovenia, that was made up by Katja Pozun and Mitja Meznar. Pozun made jumps of 100.0 and 96.5 meters, Meznar of 95.5 and 97.0 meters.

Places four to six were taken by the Czech Republic (Michaela Dolezelova/Cestmir Kozisek), Japan (Kaori Iwabuchi, Junshiro Kobayashi) and Slovenia II (Eva Logar/Miran Zupancic). In total 12 teams from 8 countries competed in this mixed team event.