Hinterzarten: Sara Takanashi wins on Saturday


Sara Takanashi won on Saturday in Hinterzarten ahead of Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Irina Avvakumova.

Sara Takanashi from Japan won the World Cup competition today in Hinterzarten with jumps of 101.0 and 105.0 meters. “I am really happy about my second jump, but the first one was not satisfying for me”, she explained. The Japanese team has spent four weeks in Europe now, and will drive to Munich airport directly after the competition tomorrow and fly home from there.

The second place was taken by Austria’s Daniela Irschko-Stolz, who made a pair of jumps of 101.0 and 99.5 meters. “My jumping has become more stable since Lillehammer, but I know that I can still improve further”, she said. In the meantime it was confirmed, that her team-mate Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, who suffered a grave fall in yesterday’s official training, has torn her cruciate ligament and injured also the meniscus. “Last January I tore my ACL here in Hinterzarten, this time it happened to Jaci. I try to take it unemotionally, but of course it is difficult to handle such a situation. I wish her all the best, but I know that she will make it”, Iraschko said.

The third place was taken by Russia’s Irina Avvakumova, who jumped 98.5 and 101.0 meters. This is not only the first World Cup podium for her, but also for the whole Russian Ladies team. Already on the last weekend Avvakumova has won two medals at the Universiade in Trentino, nevertheless she does not seem to have an explanation for this wave of success: “It is all just improvisation”, she explained. “But I really want to continue to jump on that level in Chaikovsky in January.”

Places four to six were taken by Helena Olsson Smeby from Norway (94.5 and 99.0 m), Slovenia’s Maja Vtic (97.0 and 94.0 m) and Yuki Ito (95.0 and 97.5 m). Best jumper of the hosting nation Germany was Carina Vogt, who came seventh with jumps of 97.0 and 95.5 meters.

Italy’s Manuela Malsiner had some problems to land her 85.0 meter jump in the first round properly, and so touched the hill with her back and her head. Cause of this fall she lost her shades, but was able to leave the outrun just normal. As she got later on some headaches, she was taken to the hospital in Neustadt to get examined. Luckily it appeared, that she did not suffer any injury and so she was able to return to her hotel just after a while.

Leader Takanashi has now 200 points in the overall World Cup, Iraschko-Stolz is second with 160 points. Third is Vogt with a score of 86.

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