Olympic quotas published


FIS has published the quotas for the Olympic Games in Sochi. 30 jumpers from 12 countries will compete. Anette Sagen out of Norwegian team.

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has now published the quotas for the Olympic games in Sochi. These quotas, that are based on the overall World and Continental Cups from this and the last season, specify how many jumpers per National Olympic Committee (NOC) will be allowed to start in the Olympics. In total 30 jumpers will compete in the individual competition that is scheduled for February 11th.

The maximum quota of four athletes was only granted to Slovenia and Germany. Canada, France, Japan, Norway and the United States are eligible to nominate three jumpers for the Games. Austria, and Italy both have the right to nominate two athletes, only one will come from Russia, Switzerland and Finland.

Anette Sagen not nominated for Norwegian team

Norway already announced, that it’s three places are given to Maren Lundby, Helena Olsson Smeby and Line Jahr. This means, that the Olympic dream does not come true after all for jumping pioneer Anette Sagen, who was one of the key persons in the fight to make Ladies Ski Jumping an Olympic sports.

Julia Kykkänen will represent Finland at the Olympics. Although Russia and Switzerland did not make an official announcement yet, it seems to be clear, that they will nominate Irina Avvakumova and Bigna Windmüller. France has only three athletes competing in the World Cup, so most likely Julia Clair, Lea Lemare and Coline Mattel will form their team, but also there an official confirmation is still missing.

Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Japan, USA, Austria and Italy are expected to name their teams in the next few days.