Iraschko-Stolz also best in second training in Sochi


Daniela Iraschko-Stolz overperformed the rest of the field also in the second training on Sunday. Also Sara Takanashi and Carina Vogt showed a very nice jumps and performed solidly.

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz from Austria jumped 100.5 and 99.0 meters in the first two rounds and then passed on the third jump. She made these jumps with the inrun shortened by one gate, and so took the first rank in both rounds with a clear advantage. Sara Takanashi from Japan, who traveled to Sochi as the odds-on favourite, jumped in all three training rounds. In the first round she jumped 98.5 meters and so came second, 5.5 points behind Iraschko-Stolz. Her second jump of 98.0 meters was the third-best of the round. In the third round, that was skipped by Iraschko-Stolz, Takanashi came first with a nice jump of 99.0 meters. Also Carina Vogt from Germany made only two jumps today. By jumping 97.5 and 99.5 meters she took a third and a second place.

Very consistent was today’s performance of Japan’s Yuki Ito. She jumped 96.0, 97.5 and 98.0 meters and so took a sixth and fifth place in the first two rounds and eventually even the second rank in the final round. Coline Mattel from France jumped 93.5, 92.0 and 97.5 meters. So she was places eight and 17 in the first two rounds, but ranked third in the last training. Also her team-mate Julia Clair jumped very strong. Her jumps of 96.0, 93.5 and 93.5 meters meant places four, nine and four.

Julia Kykkänen from Finland, who did not participate in the first training yesterday, made her first two jumps in Sochi today. Her 95.0 meters in the first round were just enough for the seventh rank, but with her second jump of 96.0 meters she came fourth of the round. Evelyn Insam seem also to get used to the hill. She jumped 96.0, 92.5 and a 95.5 meters and so took placed five, 15 and four.

Maja Vtic from Slovenia, who performed very strong in the first training yesterday, jumped a little weaker today and took only places 12 and 11 with her two jumps of 92.0 and 94.0 meters.