World Cup continues in Rasnov


Two World Cups will be held this weekend in Rasnov. Takanashi performed best in the official training today.

The World Cup continues this weekend, after taking a break for the Olympic Games. Two competitions will be held on the K90 hill in Rasnov, Romania. Already today an official training with three rounds was held. As only 44 jumpers are on the start list, no qualification was necessary.

Best in the first training round was Irina Avvakmova from Russia with a jump of 93.0 meters. Japan’s Sara Takanashi jumped 95.0 meters and so a little further than Avvakumova, but as she lost points to the wind compensation rule, she only was only on the second rank in this training. Third in this round came Yuki Ito (JPN) with a jump of 93.0 meters.

Takanashi jumped 98.0 meters in the second training round, and so scored clearly the most points this time. Avakumova made a jump of 92.5 meters and so took the second place in this second training. Carina Vogt, who only jumped 86.0 meters in the first round, made a second jump of 92.0 meters and so took the third place of the round.

Vogt and Avvakumva decided to skip the third training round. Best in this one was again Takanashi with a jump of 95.0 meters. Second behind her came Ito with a jump of 93.4 meters. The third place in this round was taken by Coline Mattel from France with a jump of 89.5 metes. In the two rounds before, she made jumps of 90.0 and 88.5 meters.