Takanashi wins in Rasnov and takes overall World Cup


Sara Takanashi won on Saturday in Rasnov ahead of Maren Lundby and Yuki Ito. With this win Takanashi also won the overall World Cup.

The Olympics are over, it’s World Cup again and Sara Takanashi is back on track. The World Cup leader, who missed a medal as fourth, won the World Cup in Rasnov today and so celebrates her 12th season win. With this victory Takanashi also secured to win the overall World Cup.

To win this competition Takanashi made a pair of jumps of 100.5 and 99.9 meters. Her first round jump was also noted as new hill record, as this was the first World Cup competition on this hill ever. Maren Lundby from Norway came second with jumps of 96.0 and 89.0 meters. That’s her best career result so far. With Yuki Ito another Japanese came third. She jumped 95.5 and 87.5 meters.

Julia Clair from France came fourth with jumps of 89.0 and 90.0 meters. That’s also her best career result so far. Russia’s Irina Avvakumova made jumps of 95.0 and 84.0 meters and so took the fifth place. Julia Kykkänen from Finland finished six with two jumps of 88.5 and 92.0 meters. Seventh came Germany’s Ulrike Grässler. She jumped 90.5 and 86.0 meters. Also apart from Clair the French team performed very strong today. Lea Lemare (twice 89.0 m) and Coline Mattel (91.0 and 87.0 m) took places eight and nine, so all three of their jumpers finished within the top ten.

Ahead of this competition, there were still mathematical chances for Carina Vogt and for Daniela Iraschko-Stolz to catch up with Takanashi in the overall World Cup. Iraschko-Stolz had to quit the season last week due to a knee injury. Olympic Champion Carina Vogt still jumped in yesterday’s official training, but decided today to skip the competition as she had an aching inflammation in her knee. This means, that Takanashi scored full 100 World Cup points today and her opponents not a single one. There are only five competitions remaining this winter, and Takanashi is now over 500 points ahead. So it is already clear, that she is the winner of the overall World Cup. Congratulations!

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