Gianina Ernst and Svenja Wuerth won FIS-Cups in Hinterzarten


Gianina Ernst won the FIS-Cup on Saturday in Hinterzarten, on Sunday she shared the fist place with Svenja Würth.

Although we have to wait until the end of September for the first and only Grand-Prix-weekend of this summer, competitions in the lower-ranked series are already held. And so 22 jumpers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Kazakhstan and Hungary met this weekend in Hinterzarten for two competitions of the FIS-Cup. Best of them was Germany’s Gianina Ernst, who won the competition om Saturday and shared the first place on Sunday with Svenja Würth.

Ernst won the competition on Saturday with jumps of 97.5 and 98.0 meters. Second behind her came Olympic Champion Carina Vogt, who jumped 95.0 meters twice. Chiara Hölzl from Austria jumped 94.5 and 95.0 meters and so took the third place.

Also the remaining places of the top ten were just taken by jumpers from Germany and Austria. Fourth came Svenja Würth with jumps of 97.5 and 92.0 meters, fifth Katharina Althaus (93.5 and 91.0 m) and sixth Ulrike Grässler (twice 91.0 m). Places seven and eight were taken by Anna Häfele (91.5. and 88.0m) and Juliane Seyfarth (90.0 and 88.0 m). Austrian debutant Eva Pinkelnig came ninth by jumping 89.0 meters twice. Anna Rupprecht (90.0 and 85.0 m) completed the top ten.


In the second competition on Sunday Ernst jumped 98,5 and 95.0 meters. Würth made jumps of 97.0 and 97.5 meters. As both scored 235.5 meters for their jumps they eventually shared victory. Third place was taken by Seyfarth who made a pair of jumps of 94.5 and 98.5 meters.

Also the fourth place was tied. Grässler (95.5 and 97.0 m) and Hölzl (95.0 and 98.0 m) both scored 230.5 points. Places six to ten were just taken by Germans: Althaus (94.0 and 97.0 m), Vogt (96.0 and 95.0 m), Häfele (twice 95.0 m), Rupprecht (89.0 and 86.5 m) and Melanie Häckert (87.0 and 89.5 m)