It’s time for FIS Grand Prix 2020! Who will participate in Frenstat?

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It’s time to begin the 2020 season of FIS Grand Prix! This Friday and Saturday, the best female ski jumpers will compete in Frenstat (HS106). The Czech hosts announced the entry list of expected athletes.

The coronavirus pandemic made a lot of changes in a summer calendar of the International Ski Federation (FIS). Decisions to cancel several events due to national COVID-19 restrictions resulted in the shortening of the FIS Grand Prix schedule to just one competition. This Saturday, athletes will participate in an individual competition on the Areal Horecky hill (HS106) in Frenstat.

The two greatest stars of ladies’ ski jumping will be absent this time. The overall winner of all previous FIS Grand Prix seasons, Sara Takanashi won’t participate due to the absence of Japanese team during the entire summer season. The 2018 olympic champion, Maren Lundby won’t go to Frenstat as the result of the Norwegian Ski Association’s decision to not send its athletes to the Czech Republic.

Anyway, the competition in Frenstat (which is also Jiri Raska’s Memorial) should take place without any disturbances. The Organizing Committee expects the arrival of 29 athletes from eight national teams – Czech Republic, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and United States.

In this case, the qualification would be turned into an additional training round. The official start list will be published after Friday’s Team Captain’s Meeting.

Athletes from the Slovenian team are considered as favourites to win. They will come to the Czech Republic in the strongest line-up. Especially Nika Kriznar and Ema Klinec – 7th and 8th athlete of FIS World Cup 2019-20 overall standings have the biggest chance for victory.


Friday, 14.08.2020
10:00 (CET) – Team Captain’s Meeting
15:00 (CET) – Official Training
17:00 (CET) – Qualification

Saturday, 15.08.2020
9:00 (CET) – Trial Round
10:00 (CET) – 1st Competition Round

SGP Frenstat (HS106); 15.08.2020 – Entry list:

No.AthleteNationWorld Cup 19-20
1KRAMER Marita9.
2EDER Lisa21.
4SORSCHAG Sophie40.
7JENCOVA Veronika
9PTACKOVA Stepanka44.
11AVOCAT GROS Oceane37.
12CLAIR Julia25.
13MORAT Lucile46.
14PAGNIER Josephine32.
15HESSLER Pauline
16REISCH Agnes29.
17KARPIEL Kamila
19PRZYBYLA Wiktoria
20RAJDA Kinga28.
21SZWAB Joanna
22HARALAMBIE Daniela30.
23TRAMBITAS Andreea Diana
24BRECL Jerneja39.
25KLINEC Ema8.
26KOMAR Katra27.
27KRIZNAR Nika7.
28ROGELJ Spela22.
29LUSSI Nina