SGP in Frenstat: 27 athletes on the start list


The long wait is over. After more than 5 months of break, it’s time for the ski jumping international rivalry to return! On Saturday, the only competition of FIS Grand Prix 2020 will be held at the Areal Horecky hill (HS106) in Frenstat. Today athletes will take part in official training rounds.

For the last time the best ladies’ ski jumpers competed on March 11 in the Raw Air prologue round in Trondheim. The next day, the International Ski Federation (FIS) announced an early end of the winter season due to the developing coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 issue causes problems also in the summer calendar. Initially, FIS Grand Prix 2020 was to consist of six individual competitions. However, the events in Shchuchinsk (September 5-6), Chaikovskiy (September 12-13) and Klingenthal (October 3) were cancelled.

Luckily, the rivalry in Frenstat will happen. Saturday’s competition on the Areal Holecky hill (HS106) will be also held as Jiri Raska Memorial. The start list includes the names of 27 athletes from eight national teams. For this reason, Friday’s qualification will be turned into a third training round.

Most of the leading athletes of the previous FIS World Cup season will be absent in the Czech Repbulic. From the TOP20 of the 2019-2020 overall standings, only three of them will start in Frenstat – Nika Kriznar (7th place) and Ema Klinec (8th) from Slovenia and Marita Kramer (9th) from Austria.

During Friday’s training session in Frenstat, meteorologists predict heavy rainfall, which should decrease over time. The expected wind speed is 1-2 m/s. Thermometers should show +25°C.

The official record holder of Areal Horecky (HS106) is Nika Kriznar. The representative of Slovenia reached 104 meters during last year’s Grand Prix.

Friday’s official training session is scheduled for 15:00 (CET).

You can follow the “live scoring” via the FIS Live report >>

or Berkutschi Live report >>


Friday, 14.08.2020
15:00 (CET) – Official Training (3 rounds)

Saturday, 15.08.2020
9:00 (CET) – Trial Round
10:30 (CET) – 1st Competition Round

SGP Frenstat (HS106); 15.08.2020 – Start List

1KARPIEL Kamila2001
2MOHARITSCH Vanessa2002
3KONDERLA Nicole2001
4ULRICHOVA Klara2004
5PRZYBYLA Wiktoria2004
6INDRACKOVA Karolina1997
7WIEGELE Hannah2001
8LUSSI Nina1994
9HESSLER Pauline1998
10PESATOVA Zdenka1999
11SZWAB Joanna1997
12JENCOVA Veronika2004
13MORAT Lucile2001
14PTACKOVA Stepanka2002
15SORSCHAG Sophie1998
16BRECL Jerneja2001
17AVOCAT GROS Oceane1997
18PAGNIER Josephine2002
19HARALAMBIE Daniela1997
20REISCH Agnes1999
21RAJDA Kinga2000
22KOMAR Katra2001
23CLAIR Julia1994
24ROGELJ Spela1994
25KRAMER Marita2001
26KLINEC Ema1998
27KRIZNAR Nika2000