Juliane Seyfarth: Jump first, think second

Juliane Seyfarth
Juliane Seyfarth

Juliane Seyfarth, one of the most experienced ski jumpers in the field is getting ready for the pre-Olympic season. A few days ago on her Instagram account, she held a Q&A session with her fans. Here are the answers she gave for all of the questions from her followers.

– I’ve been a ski jumper for 20 years and I wouldn’t have been able to make it out without the competitions. I can’t imagine life without my sport. I’m eager to start again – said Seyfarth in a recent interview for Gala.de.

What is the thing she’s the most thankful for in her life? Who is her biggest inspiration?

– Good health, family, my sport and my boyfriend, whom I can share my life with. It’s very difficult to answer that second question because there are many great people who inspire me.

What is her favorite place, what does she like doing in free time?

– Of course, my favorite place is my home, where my loved one is. I also love watching sunsets with him – told no. 11 athlete of the last World Cup season.

Ski jumping takes a lot of time to master, but also a lot of courage to fly over 120 meters. Where does she find the courage to jump from such heights?

– Sometimes it’s like: jump first, think second – the German replied shortly.

What are her goals for the upcoming season?

– Now I’m working on my ski jumping performance, so I can show some big flights in the winter. I want to fly as far as possible in every jump and have fun with that. I am so thankful to be able to do what I love – wrote Seyfarth on her Instagram account.

What can she say to young adepts of ski jumping, who want to became professional athletes?

– I would tell them to always believe in themselves and to fight for what they want. Nothing great comes easy – said Seyfarth, for whom the next season will be the 8th in the most prestigious series of winter ski jumping competitions.

The German also revealed her culinary preferences. When asked if it’s easy to make her eat a Nutella sandwich, her answer was surprising:

– I would rather eat a sandwich with cheese than with chocolate cream.

Juliane would like to crown her career at the 2022 Winter Olympics. In Beijing, she wants to fight for a medal. 

– I still have a lot of reserves and I’m more motivated than ever – she summed up.