Ema Klinec unbeatable in the Slovenian Nationals

Ema Klinec

Ema Klinec was victorious in the Slovenian Championships, which were held on October the 6th in Kranj (HS 109). 22-year old jumped 110.5 and 106.5 meters and gave no chance to her rivals. Silver medal went to Ursa Bogataj (108.5 and 100.5 m) and 3rd was Nika Kriznar (97.5 and 104.5m).

Klinec was leading already after the first round with a 12.1 points advantage over Bogataj. In the second jump she increased her lead even further and became the gold medalist with 26.2 points more than the runner-up.

Nika Kriznar after her great performance in the Summer Grand Prix in Frenstat seems to struggle lately. Her first jump on 97.5 meters was very disappointing and only thanks to the good distance in the final round (104.5m) she managed to secure herself the 3rd place.

In the competition participated 20 athletes.

Results of the Ladies Slovenian Championships, Kranj, 06.10.2020:

1Ema KlinecSLO110,5 m106,0 m292.1
2Ursa BogatajSLO108,5 m100,5 m265.9
3Nika KriznarSLO97,5 m104,0 m249.2
4Katra KomarSLO101,0 m95,5 m247.5
5Jerneja BreclSLO102,5 m92,5 m244.9
6Spela RogeljSLO94,5 m92,5 m237.9
7Jerneja Repinc ZupancicSLO90,5 m93,0 m218.9
8Nika PrevcSLO87,5 m87,0 m200.7
9Maja VticSLO86,5 m88,5 m198.5
10Nika VetrihSLO77,5 m90,5 m178.7