COC in Kuopio: Second competition for Iakovleva

17.07.2021 - COC Kuopio podium
17.07.2021 - COC Kuopio podium

Mariia Iakovleva won the second Saturday competition of the Summer Continental Cup at the Puijo hill (HS100) in Kuopio. The Russian won with jumps of 97 m and 93.5 m. Julia Muehlbacher finished second and Kurumi Ichinohe was third.

In the first competition round, Mariia Iakovleva made the farthest jump. The Russian landed on 97. meter and was leading with an advantage of 6.3 points over Julia Muehlbacher (94.5 m). The third place was taken by Kurumi Ichinohe (91.5 m) ahead of Qingyue Peng (93.5 m), Hannah Wiegele (88 m) and Ping Zeng (87.5 m).

In the final, Mariia Iakovleva sealed the victory with a jump of 93.5 meters. The Russian won with an advantage of 8.1 points over Julia Muehlbacher (93 m). Kurumi Ichinohe (93.5 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium, followed by Hannah Wiegele (91 m), Bing Dong (90.5 m) and Qingyue Peng (86 m).

Mariia Iakovleva and Julia Muehlbacher (160 points) are leading in the overall standings of FIS Summer Continental Cup. Birun Shao is third (136 points).

The next Summer Continental Cup competitions will be held on August 21-22 in Rasnov, Romania.

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