SGP in Wisla: Bogataj takes the win

17.07.2021 - GP Wisla podium
17.07.2021 - GP Wisla podium

Ursa Bogataj was the winner of the season opening competition of the FIS Summer Grand Prix 2021 at the Adam Małysz hill (HS134) in Wisła. The Slovenian athlete won with two jumps of 126.5 meters. Second place went to Sara Takanashi and Nozomi Maruyama finished third.

Ursa Bogataj was already leading after the first round of the competition. The athlete from Slovenia with a flight of 126.5 meters set a new women’s hill record, thanks to which she was 2.7 points ahead of Sarah Takanashi (121.5 m). Nozomi Maruyama (120 m) was third, followed by Ema Klinec (116 m) together with Yuki Ito (123.5 m) and Nika Kriznar (115 m).

Eva Pinkelnig (116 m) was seventh after the first round. Eighth was Marita Kramer (114 m), ninth was Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (112.5 m), and tenth was Jerneja Brecl (112 m).

In the final, Ursa Bogataj repeated her record jump on a distance of 126.5 meters and achieved her first victory in the Summer Grand Prix competition. The Slovene defeated the second Sara Takanashi (126.5 m) by 2.3 points and third Nozomi Maruyama (121.5 m) by 15.1 points. The fourth was Eva Pinkelnig (125 m), the fifth was Ema Klinec (123 m) and the sixth was Yuki Ito (122 m).

The list of TOP10 of the competition was completed by Nika Kriznar (119 m), Marita Kramer (118 m), Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (108.5 m) and Jerneja Brecl (113.5 m).

Ursa Bogataj (100 points) became the first leader of the FIS Summer Grand Prix 2021. She is ahead of the Japanese duo – Sara Takanashi (80 points) and Nozomi Maruyama (60 points).

The second competition in Wisła is scheduled for Sunday (13:00 CET). The event will be preceded by the qualification round (11:45 CET).

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