SGP in Wisla: Bogataj wins again, Takanashi in the hospital

Ursa Bogataj
Ursa Bogataj

Ursa Bogataj is on the victory road! The leader of FIS Summer Grand Prix triumphed in the Sunday competition at the Adam Malysz hill (HS134) in Wisła. The Slovene won with jumps of 133 m and 127.5 m. The second was Sara Takanashi, who set the women’s hill record (133.5 m). However, the Japanese suffered a serious fall and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Marita Kramer completed the podium.

Ursa Bogataj overtook her rivals already in the first round. The leader of the Summer Grand Prix soared 133 meters, which set a new women’s hill record. At the halfway point, the Slovene was 4.6 points ahead of Sara Takanashi (130.5 m) and 9.9 points ahead of Marita Kramer (131 m). The fourth was Nika Kriznar (126 m), the fifth was Eva Pinkelnig (117.5 m), and the sixth was Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (119.5 m).

Sophie Sorschag (122.5 m), Nozomi Maruyama (119.5 m) and Yuki Ito (119.5 m) were ranked on the next places. The TOP10 list was closed by Jerneja Brecl (118.5 m).

In the final round, Ursa Bogataj sealed the second victory in Wisła with a flight of 127.5 meters. However, the hill record of Slovenian athlete was taken by Sara Takanashi (133.5 m) who took second place. The Japanese had a dangerous-looking fall after sliding down from plastic mattings onto the lawn, but left the landing zone on her own. However, the legend of women’s ski jumping didn’t participate in the podium ceremony and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Marita Kramer (128 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium, followed closely by Eva Pinkelnig (126 m), Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (122 m) and Nika Kriznar (107.5 m).

The best 10 of the competition was completed by Ema Klinec (122 m), Yuki Ito (117.5 m), Jerneja Brecl (114 m) and Nozomi Maruyama (109.5 m).

Thanks to her victory, Ursa Bogataj (200 points) strengthened her lead in the FIS Summer Grand Prix overall standings. The Slovenian athlete is ahead of Sara Takanashi (160 points) and Eva Pinkelnig (100 points).

The next Grand Prix competition will be take place in three weeks, on Friday, August 6 in Courchevel, France (HS135).

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