SGP in Courchevel: Bogataj wins for the third time in a row

06.08.2021 - GP Courchevel podium
06.08.2021 - GP Courchevel podium

Ursa Bogataj was the winner of the Friday’s FIS Grand Prix competition in Courchevel, France (HS135). The athlete from Slovenia won with jumps of 125 m and 126.5 m. Marita Kramer was second and Nika Kriznar finished third.

After the first round, Marita Kramer was in the lead. The athlete from Austria soared 124 meters and was 2.5 points ahead of Ursa Bogataj (125 m) and 4.4 points ahead of Nika Kriznar (121.5 m). The fourth was Silje Opseth (122 m), the fifth was Katharina Althaus (117.5 m) and Nozomi Maruyama (111 m) was ranked sixth. The list of TOP10 was completed by Kaori Iwabuchi (114 m), Chiara Kreuzer (118.5 m), Julia Clair (115 m) and Jenny Rautionaho (111 m).

Sara Takanashi didn’t participate in the competition. The Japanese felt pain in her leg after a jump in the trial round and decided to give up the start in Courchevel.

In the final, Ursa Bogataj successfully attacked the highest step of podium. The leader of the FIS Grand Prix reached 126.5 meters and won 2.4 points ahead of Marita Kramer (122 m). On the lowest step of the podium was Nika Kriznar (113.5 m), who lost 30 points to the winner. Kaori Iwabuchi (119 m), Nozomi Maruyama (118.5 m) and Katharina Althaus (113.5 m) finished right behind the best three athletes.

Silje Opseth (109 m) finished seventh, ahead of Chiara Kreuzer (106.5 m), Julia Clair (103.5 m) and Yuki Ito (103 m).

Ursa Bogataj (300 points) with three victories is on the lead in the overall standings of the FIS Grand Prix. The Slovenian is ahead of Marita Kramer (172 points) and Sara Takanashi (160 points).

The next FIS Grand Prix competition will be held next Sunday, August 15 at Frenstat, Czech Republic (HS106).

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