SGP in Frenstat: Takanashi breaks Bogataj’s victory streak

15.08.2021 - GP Frenstat podium
15.08.2021 - GP Frenstat podium

Sara Takanashi became the winner of Sunday’s FIS Grand Prix competition at Areal Horecky (HS106) in Frenstat, Czech Republic. The Japanese won with jumps of 101.5 m and 104.5 m (a new hill record). Second was Nozomi Maruyama and Silje Opseth finished third.

Sara Takanashi was in the lead already after the first round. The four-time winner of the Crystal Globe soared 101.5 meters and was 7.7 points ahead of Nika Kriznar (99 m). Nozomi Maruyama (96.5 m) was third, ahead of Silje Opseth (96 m) and Irina Avvakumova (93.5 m).

Yuki Ito (91.5 m) was ranked sixth, ahead of Sofia Tikhonova (91 m). The eighth was the leader of the FIS Grand Prix, Ursa Bogataj (86.5 m). The top ten were closed by Klara Ulrichova (91 m) and Kaori Iwabuchi (93 m).

In the final, Sara Takanashi set a new hill record. The distance of 104.5 meters allowed the Japanese athlete to win with an advantage of 15.4 points over Nozomi Maruyama (103 m). On the lowest step of the podium was Silje Opseth (100 m), ahead of Nika Kriznar (95.5 m) and Irina Avvakumova (97.5 m).

The leader of the series, Ursa Bogataj (93 m) finished sixth, ahead of Kaori Iwabuchi (95.5 m), Yuki Ito (90 m) and Julia Clair (89.5 m). The top ten was closed by Sofia Tikhonova (84 m).

Ursa Bogataj (340 points) remained the leader of the FIS Grand Prix, ahead of Sara Takanashi (260 points) and Nozomi Maruyama (211 points).

The next competition of the FIS Grand Prix will be held in less than a month, on September 11-12 in Chaikovskiy. During the weekend in Russia, two individual competitions and a mixed team event are planned.

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