FC in Einsiedeln: Sina Arnet wins again

29.08.2021 - FC Einsiedeln podium
29.08.2021 - FC Einsiedeln podium

Sina Arnet repeated her Saturday’s result and won the Sunday’s FIS Cup competition in Einsiedeln (HS117), Switzerland. The athlete of the host nation triumphed with jumps of 110 m and 106 m. Julia Muehlbacher was second and Josephin Laue was third.

In the first round, Sina Arnet made the farthest jump. The Swiss athlete landed at 110 meters and was leading with an advantage of 7.4 points over Julia Muehlbacher (106.5 m). Josephin Laue (101 m) was ranked third.

Rea Kindlimann (98 m) was just behind the top three. Camilla Henni Comazzi (97.5 m) was fifth and Pia Lilian Kuebler (101 m) was ranked sixth.

In the final, Sina Arnet sealed the victory with a 106 meter flight. The Swiss defeated Julia Muehlbacher (106 m) by 20.8 points. Josephin Laue (111 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium.

Rea Kindlimann (96.5 m) finished fourth. Emely Torazza (97 m) was fifth, and Michelle Goebel (100.5 m) was sixth.

The new leader of the FIS Cup overall standings is Julia Muehlbacher (320 points), ahead of Bing Dong (245 points). Sina Arnet promoted to third place (236 points).

The next FIS Cup competitions will be held in next weekend, September 4-5 in Ljubno, Slovenia (HS94).

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