FC in Ljubno: Kriznar wins, Slovenians take the podium

04.09.2021 - FC Ljubno podium
04.09.2021 - FC Ljubno podium

Nika Kriznar won Saturday’s FIS Cup competition at the Logarska Dolina hill (HS94) in Ljubno. The Worl Cup winner triumphed with jumps of 86 m and 94.5 m. Spela Rogelj was second and Jerneja Brecl finished third.

The first round was dominated by the host athletes. Jerneja Brecl (86.5 m) was the leader ahead of Nika Kriznar (86 m) by 4.3 points. Spela Rogelj (84 m) was ranked third and Nika Prevc (82 m) was fourth. The fifth place was taken by Chinese Qingyue Peng (87 m), and the sixth – by another Slovene, Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (80.5 m).

The top ten of the round was completed by Hannah Wiegele (82 m) and Nika Vetrih (78.5 m), Katra Komar (79.5 m) and Josephin Laue (84 m).

In the final, Nika Kriznar soared for the victory, defeating Spela Rogelj (88.5 m) by 10.8 points thanks to a jump on a distance of 94.5 meters. Jerneja Brecl (85 m) finally took third place. Right behind the podium were Qingyue Peng (82.5 m), Hannah Wiegele (85 m) and Nika Prevc (77.5 m).

Katra Komar (83.5 m) finished seventh. Eighth was Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (81 m), Taja Bodlaj (87.5 m) was ninth and Nika Vetrih (79 m) was ranked tenth.

Julia Muehlbacher (344 points) remained the leader of the overall standings, ahead of Bing Dong (245 points) and Sina Arnet (236 points).

The second FIS Cup competition in Ljubno is scheduled for Sunday at 10:00 (CET).

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