FC in Ljubno: The spectacular victory of Qinyue Peng

05.09.2021 - FC Ljubno podium
05.09.2021 - FC Ljubno podium

Qingyue Peng was the winner of the Sunday’s FIS Cup competition in Ljubno (HS94). The Chinese athlete triumphed with jumps of 87 m and 85.5 m. Hannah Wiegele was second and Jerneja Repinc Zupancic stood on the lowest step of the podium.

In the first round, Qingyue Peng flew away from her rivals. The Chinese landed at 87 meters and at the halfway point she was 17.4 points ahead of Hannah Wiegele (80.5 m) and Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (77.5 m). Josephin Laue (80.5 m), Nika Prevc (81 m) and Taja Bodlar (79.5 m) were ranked just behind the top three athletes.

Ursa Vidmar (80.5 m), Veronika Jencova (79 m) and Michelle Goebel (79 m) were ranked on the next placed. The list of top ten was closed by Jerica Jesenko (77.5 m).

In the final, Qingyue Peng sealed her success with a flight of 85.5 meters. The Chinese overtook Hannah Wiegele (89 m) by 13.7 points and Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (90 m) by 19.5 points. Nika Prevc (86 m), Veronika Jencova (83 m) and Tinkara Komar (82 m) finished behind the podium.

The following places were taken by Jerica Jesenko (84 m), Josephin Laue (83 m), Julia Muehlbacher (82 m) and Michelle Goebel (80 m).

Julia Muehlbacher (373 points) leads the overall standings, ahead of Hannah Wiegele (285 points) and Qingyue Peng (269 points).

The next FIS Cup competition will be held in two weeks, September 18-19 in Villach, Austria (HS98).

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