SGP in Chaikovskiy: Avvakumova’s maiden victory

12.09.2021 - GP Chaikovskiy podium
12.09.2021 - GP Chaikovskiy podium

Irina Avvakumova won the Sunday FIS Grand Prix competition on the Snezhynka hill (HS140) in Chaikovskiy. The Russian athlete won with jumps of 132 m and 131.5 m. Ursa Bogataj was second and Silje Opseth was third.

In the first round, Irina Avvakumova made the farthest jump. The host athlete landed at 132 meters and was leading with an advantage of 3.1 points over Ursa Bogataj (126.5 m) and 8.1 points above Silje Opseth (124 m). The fourth was Ema Klinec (123 m), the fifth was Sofia Tikhonova (128 m) and the sixth was Jerneja Brecl (126 m).

The top ten of the round was completed by Kristina Prokopieva (124 m), Anna Odine Stroem (121 m), Jenny Rautionaho (123 m) and Bing Dong (117 m).

In the final, Irina Avvakumova achieved a result of 131.5 meters and won the FIS Grand Prix competition for the first time in her career. Ursa Bogataj (132 m) was second, 1.2 points behind the winner. Silje Opseth (132 m) was third ahead of Ema Klinec (131 m), Jerneja Brecl (131 m) and Sofia Tikhonova (121 m).

Anna Odine Stroem (121 m) was ranked seventh. Eighth was Kristina Prokopieva (118.5 m), ninth was Thea Minyan Bjoerseth (120.5 m) and tenth was Jenny Rautionaho (115.5 m).

Ursa Bogataj (520 points) is leading in the overall standings of FIS Grand Prix, ahead of Sara Takanashi (260 points) and Silje Opseth (236 points).

On Sunday in Chaikovskiy will also be a mixed teams competition. Trial round starts at 9:00 CET.

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