COC in Oslo: Outstanding victory of Katharina Althaus

19.09.2021 - COC Oslo podium
19.09.2021 - COC Oslo podium

Katharina Althaus confidently triumphed in the final competition of the FIS Summer Continental Cup 2021 at the Midtstubakken hill (HS106) in Oslo. The German won with jumps of 104 m and 103.5 m. The second place went to Pauline Hessler and Hannah Wiegele finished third.

In the first competition round, Katharina Althaus knocked out her opponents. Starting from the in-run shortened by five gates, the German made the farthest jump. 104 meters allowed her to take the lead with an advantage of 23.8 points over the second Pauline Hessler (103.5 m). Jenny Rautionaho (98.5 m) was third ahead of Hannah Wiegele (98.5 m), Juliane Seyfarth (96 m) and Anna Shpyneva (99.5 m).

Anna Rupprecht (95.5 m) was ranked seventh. Luisa Goerlich (92.5 m) was eighth, and Selina Freitag (92 m) was ninth tied with Ksenia Kablukova (91 m).

In the final, Katharina Althaus sealed the victory with a jump of 103.5 meters. Jumping from 7 gates shorter in-run, the German triumphed with an advantage of 54.4 points over Pauline Hessler (99 m) and 59.5 points above Hannah Wiegele (101 m). Just behind the podium of the competition were Jenny Rautionaho (98.5 m), Juliane Seyfarth (99 m) and Anna Rupprecht (98.5 m).

The following places were taken by Anna Shpyneva (93 m), Frida Westman (94 m), Ksenia Kablukova (89 m) and Kamila Karpiel (93 m).

The competition at the Midtstubakken hill concluded this year’s edition of FIS Summer Continental Cup. The first place in the overall standings was taken by the athletes from Austria – Julia Muehlbacher and Hannah Wiegele (230 points each). Bing Dong from China was third (207 points).

The winter edition of the 2021-2022 season of FIS Continental Cup will be inaugurated on December 4-5 in China, at the Olympic hill in Zhangjiakou (HS106).

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