SGP in Klingenthal: Kramer wins with a hill record

Marita Kramer triumphed in the final competition of the FIS Grand Prix at the Vogtland Arena (HS140) in Klingenthal. The Austrian athlete in the first round landed on 128 meters and in the final set a new hill record (141.5 m). Ursa Bogataj was second and Sara Takanashi finished third.

Ursa Bogataj made the longest jump in the first competition round. The athlete from Slovenia landed at 132 meters and was leading at the halfway point with an advantage of 0.8 points over Sara Takanashi (131 m) and 2.6 points above Marita Kramer (128 m). The fourth was Nika Kriznar (131 m), the fifth was Eva Pinkelnig (127 m), and the sixth was Yuki Ito (125 m).

In the final, Marita Kramer flew away from her rivals, setting a new record for the Vogtland Arena with a result of 141.5 meters. The Austrian scored her first victory in the Summer Grand Prix competition, beating Ursa Bogataj (130.5 m) by 17.8 points and Sara Takanashi (128 m) by 20.2 points. Nika Kriznar (128 m), Katharina Althaus (132.5 m) and Eva Pinkelnig (119 m) finished just behind the podium.

Ursa Bogataj (600 points) became the winner of the FIS Summer Grand Prix, Sara Takanashi was second (320 points) and Marita Kramer was third (272 points).

The inaugural FIS World Cup weekend will be held on November 26-27 in Nizhny Tagil, Russia (HS97).

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