FC in Falun: Russian podium, Avvakumova’s safe victory

13.11.2021 - FC Falun podium
13.11.2021 - FC Falun podium

Irina Avvakumova won the Saturday FIS Cup competition at the Lugnet hill (HS100) in Falun, Sweden. The athlete from Russia triumphed with jumps of 89.5 and 94 meters. Irma Makhinia was second and Alexandra Kustova was third.

In the first round, Irina Avvakumova jumped further than her rivals. The Russian reached 89.5 meters from the shortened inrun and at the halfway point she was leading with an advantage of 11.8 points over Irma Makhinia (89 m) and 11.9 points above Frida Westman (89 m). The fourth was Alexandra Kustova (86.5 m), the fifth was Sofia Tikhonova (84.5 m), and the sixth was Anna Shpyneva (86 m).

The following places were taken by Julia Kykkaenen (85 m), Kristina Prokopieva (86.5 m) and Lara Malsiner (82 m). The top ten was closed by Martina Zanitzer with a result of 79.5 meters.

In the final, Irina Avvakumova landed on the 94th meter and triumphed confidently with an advantage of 23.5 points over Irma Makhinia (87.5 m). Aleksandra Kustova (85.5 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium, ahead of the hosts’ athlete Frida Westman (85.5 m) by 0.6 points. The fifth was Sofia Tikhonova (87 m), and the sixth was Anna Shpyneva (85 m).

Kristina Prokopieva (86.5 m) finished seventh, ahead of Lara Malsiner (87 m) and Julia Kykkaenen (83 m). Jessica Malsiner (82 m) took tenth place.

Despite being absent in Falun, Julia Muehlbacher and Peng Qinguye (373 points each) kept the lead in the FIS Cup overall standings. Dong Bing is third (305 points).

The second competition in Falun is scheduled for Sunday at 10:30 (CET).

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