FC in Falun: Avvakumova’s next victory

Irina Avvakumova
Irina Avvakumova

Just like on Saturday, Irina Avvakumova triumphed also on Sunday in the FIS Cup competition on the Lugnet hill (HS100) in Falun. The Russian athlete won with jumps of 91 and 89.5 meters. Alexandra Kustova was second and Sofia Tikhonova finished third.

Irina Avvakumova was in the lead already after the first round. The Russian reached 91 meters and at the halfway point of the competition she had an advantage of 9.4 points over the second Sofia Tikhonova (96 m) and 11.6 points over the third Alexandra Kustova (90 m) and Julia Kykkaenen (92 m). The fifth was Irma Makhinia (90.5 m), and the sixth was Frida Westman (93.5 m).

The following places were taken by Kristina Prokopieva (91 m), Anna Shpyneva (87 m) and Lara Malsiner (84.5 m). The top ten was closed by Anastasia Subbotina (79 m).

In the final round, Irina Avvakumova sealed the victory with a jump of 89.5 meters. The Russian triumphed with an advantage of 19 points over Alexandra Kustova (92 m) and 25.4 points over Sofia Tikhonova (90 m). Julia Kykkaenen (87.5 m), Frida Westman (91.5 m) and Irma Machinia (88 m) finished just behind the podium.

Kristina Prokopieva (90.5 m) was ranked seventh, Anna Shpyneva was eighth (85 m), and Lara Malsiner (90 m) was ninth. The list of top ten athletes of the competition was completed by Astrid Norstedt (86 m).

The Falun competitions didn’t lead to a change at the forefront of the FIS Cup overall standings. Julia Muehlbacher and Peng Qingyue (373 points each) are in the first place, and Dong Bing is third (305 points).

The next FIS Cup competitions will be held on December 10-11 in Kandersteg (HS106), Switzerland.

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