WC in Hinzenbach: Bogataj’s maiden victory

Ursa Bogataj

Ursa Bogataj achieved the first World Cup victory in her career. The Olympic champion triumphed in Saturday’s competition in Hinzenbach (HS90) with jumps of 93 m and 92 m. Nika Kriznar was second and Lisa Eder finished third.

In the first competition round, Ursa Bogataj made the furthest jump. The Olympic champion landed at 93 meters and was ahead of her teammate, Nika Kriznar (85 m) by 13.5 points. The Canadian Abigail Strate (83 m) was third, ahead of Marita Kramer (81.5 m), Frida Westman (82 m) and Lisa Eder (81.5 m).

In the final, Ursa Bogataj sealed her premiere World Cup victory with a jump of 92 meters. The Slovene turned out to be better than Nika Kriznar (88 m) and Lisa Eder (86.5 m). Frida Westman (88 m), Marita Kramer (81 m) and Yuki Ito (83.5 m) finished just behind the podium.

Marita Kramer (915 points) strengthened in the World Cup leader’s position ahead of Ursa Bogataj (701 points) and Katharina Althaus (698 points).

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